• Cohort 1 李國憲 Durmas Lee
  • 心之所向,身之所往

    Where the mind goes; Where the action goes!


    Most of my colleagues and vendors noticed a drastic change in my work style and attitude during and after my completion of the Helsinki School of Economics’ Executive MBA program. Have I become smarter? I do not think so. In fact, I have been humbled by the in-class experience as I learnt a lot from others. Frankly, whether I am doing the right thing or getting things right, it is not merely 'lip' service. The knowledge allowed me to think and reflect before I execute. This resulted in significantly better results.


    Till date, I vividly remember one of the EMBA class called "Change Management". The Professor used a classical book approach to train us to ascertain risks and urgency and how to solve them using 8 steps. Being a team leader, I drive my team to immediate actions in the proper methodology:

    1. Increase Urgency   

    2. Build the Guiding Team 

    3. Get the Vision Right

    4. Communicate for Buy-In

    5. Empower Action

    6. Create Short-Term Wins

    7. Don't Let Up

    8. Make Change Stick


    In summary, the Helsinki School of Economics EMBA program is not just any program or degree, it can help you to change the world you see, it can help you to change your mindset and the way you think, it can help you to change your life. Moreover, it can help you realize your 'blind spots': areas you never recognized. Take the first step and activate your potential!

    Durmas Lee

    CEO / Asia IoT Alliance




    在我完成芬蘭赫爾辛基經濟學院(現為芬蘭國立阿爾托大學)的 EMBA 課程期間和之後,許多同事和供應商都注意到我的工作方式和態度都發生了巨大變化。是我變得更聰明了嗎?我不這麼認為。事實上,當我從其他人那裡學到很多知識時,我對課堂上的學習感到謙卑。坦率地說,無論我是在做正確的事,還是用正確的方法做事,這不只是口頭上的承諾。這些知識使我能夠在執行之前進行思考和反思。這導致了明顯更好的結果。
    直到今天,我還清楚地記得一門課名為“變革管理”的 EMBA 課程。教授使用經典的書籍方法來訓練我們確定風險和緊迫性,以及如何使用 8 個步驟來解決它們。作為團隊領導者,我會以正確的方法促使我的團隊立即採取行動:
    1. 增加危機感
    2. 組建變革團隊
    3. 正確看待願景
    4. 為共識而溝通
    5. 賦能行動
    6. 創造短期成功
    7. 不要鬆懈
    8. 做出改變



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