• Cohort 11 李明吉 Gilbert Lee
  • To equip ourselves help us to be prepared for the future changes


    I dedicated myself on work in the first few years when I was in FedEx as Global Account Manager.  As times goes by, I found out that the global market change rapidly, and I do not have enough knowledge to face the changing environment nor to do my job better.  So it is time for me to learn something new, and EMBA is first thing which came into my mind.


      My work is to provide reliable and value-added services for customers’ global logistic needs.  Therefore, it is better to have global approach EMBA class with its content closer to the market, not only I can learn the theory, but also is practical and can be used right away.  After consulting with the Taiwan agency Pan Asia, I found that Aalto EMBA Program can fulfill my needs.  Aalto University is famous in the world of its education.  It is a Triple Accredited Business Schools (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS) which can ensure that my learning is in a very high quality.  Another fact interests me is that Aalto invites many famous processors in Taiwan to teach us.  Moreover, around 1/3 of the professors come from the world with very good reputation on their own fields.  This can ensure my learning is a global standard and is top of the line. 


      In the very beginning of my learning session, I set my goal to digest what I had learnt from the classes and then utilized it in my daily works so that do my job better.  However, I found out it is more than that.  The biggest change for me is “Transform”.  I become open-minded, not only at work, but also in life.  The reason behind is because none of my classmate is on the same industry as me.  Some are from the management level of their companies, while some are the owner of their own companies.  I learnt the different point of views from my classmates.  Then I started to realize that my knowledge is so limited, and this broaden my mind ever since.  I also change the way I see things.  I respect someone who is the expert in his or her industry after I learned more from then.  Or, maybe I can say, the more I learn, the less I know.  This “Transform” is really the best gift to me.


      Never stop learning is crucial now especially when we are encountering the world biggest crisis of COVID19 pandemic.  Our environment change a lot and is full of risks, we need to adapt the change and survive in this unpredictable world.  For instance, after the COVID19 outbreak, cities are closed, people’s movement is confined, and Work From Home(WFH) become necessary, etc.  This result in less people travel, commercial airlines cut their flights, the demand on cargo movement become more and more due to lack of capacity, freight cost then increased, and in the end, the inflation is on its way.  For my company, we need to learn and adjust our operation plan to prevent any sever influence of our customer’s business because of COVID19 outbreak.  As for myself, I need to learn the webinar tools due to there are some restrictions for the face to face call with my customers.  I also need to be prepared for the sudden space inquiry from my customers.  With Aalto’s comprehensive training, it helps me adjust myself quickly and can find a better way to do my job better. 


      It is always a good thing to know yourself has room to improve.  To take action improving yourself is important.  Finding the right tools for learning can shorten the time for personal improvement.  To me, Aalto EMBA Program is a great learning experiences, I become open-minded and transformed.  I learnt different viewpoints from others, and it helps me to think deeply before making decision.  At the same time, I make more friends after my graduation.  They become my personal teachers for their industries and even my life.


      To keep on learning is the key for success in both of our career and life.  To equip ourselves help us to be prepared for the future changes.  I am grateful to study in Aalto at the right time which makes me become a better person.  It worthwhile to learn and it never too late.  Thank you, Aalto EMBA Program.


    Gilbert Lee

    Worldwide Regional Account Executive / FedEx Express